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Hi everyone!

A bit of perfume thrifting for you today!

Now as you know I am addicted to scent. I own FAR TOO MANY Library of Fragrance ColognesΒ and I have begun to have a taste for artisan perfume, too.Β But let’s face it, it’s an expensive luxury to indulge in.

I was asked by MyPerfumeSamples.comΒ to review perfume sample ordering service.

They have a wide array of fragrances, from new and popular scents to older, or more obscure classics! You are able to search by type (Daytime, evening, romantic, Casual) and you can order in 1ml, 3ml or 5ml measures, atomised or vials.

Atomisers are the best in my view, but everyone has a preference!

My perfume samples

I got four fragrance samples – Jimmy Choo Blossom, Si by Giorgio Armani, Daisy Sorbert by Marc Jacobs and CK one Summer 2015 by Calvin Klein. All of these are perfect fragrances for Summer!

I was pleasantly surprised by Si, I wasn’t interested by the bottle alone in stores, but it smells absolutely divine when worn! I really consider buying this when I run out of the sample. Marc Jacobs always delivers, Daisy Sorbet is fresh, cute and as summery as you can get; CK One Summer 2015 is the most disappointing fragrance of the batch. It’s a bit more zesty than I am used to wearing, and a little cheap. Jimmy Choo’s blossom is lovely though, VERY fruity and ultra feminine.

Best part is, use code INSTA15 for 15% off!!! Follow them on InstagramΒ to keep up to date with new fragrances available on their site!

Thanks for reading!