Old English Company stationery

If you’re anything like me you struggle to keep organised and have a million and one scraps of paper with various numbers and names scrawled on them – generally whatever I can reach when I am taking a message on the phone!

As a result, it has become a new goal of mine to get into better habits when it comes to organisation, and keeping track of my tasks both at work and at home, or for my side-hustle mentoring businesses, & The Hive.

Old English Company very kindly sent me a selection of their beautiful and highly instagram worthy stationery to try and kick-start my new highly efficient life, and I am so excited to get my planner filled in, my schedule arranged, or simply having some pretty post-it notes to hand for those on-the-phone memos.

I also couldn’t resist this motivational mug – although in my usual vocabulary it would say ‘get sh*t done’ instead.

Do you have any super organisation tips you can share with me to keep my momentum going? Seen any cool stationary recently?

Love! X

New Year’s Resolutions

Does anyone else not really bother with New Year’s Resolutions? Or do you make them in earnest, and never really keep them?

I decided that as the New Year coincided with a new promotion and new responsibilities, that my New Year’s Resolutions should be somehow tied in, to keep me motivated!

However, NYRs tend to be shoddy rhetoric-driven scraps of promises that we make to ourselves. Why do we let ourselves down so readily?


Create Good Habits

Many NYRs are never realised because they were never measurable in the first place!! At work we are set SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound) and this should also apply to objectives and goals that we set for ourselves.

Motivational writers often talk about forming good habits rather than trying to go hell for leather in the first few weeks and “failing”.

Set some goals that are easy to achieve (but not too easy!) then ramp things up a little, piece by piece. Before you know it, a new activity or behavior will feel like second nature, and become part of your routine.

If something isn’t working for you, that’s OK too. If you’re giving up on something, be sure to at least analyse the reasons why you are doing so, to try and at least take a lesson away from it all.


I’ve written down some ideas I’ve had for mine this year!

Power dress

Look good, feel good. A universal truth. If you feel good, you are confident (but not arrogant) and confidence radiates outwards and can have a positive impact on everything you do.

With my new promotion I figured that I should dress to impress (and impress only myself, I’m not doing it for anyone else’s benefit, mind you).

So today, I did a little shopping in Zara….

(this one isn’t measurable, unless I commit to spending £100 a month on clothes at least. Something I can definitely manage!)

Hobbies not Weight Loss

My weight fluctuates by 1-2 Kgs throughout the year and it doesn’t tend to be a pressing issue for me. There are times when I wish I was a little thinner, trimmer and in general more healthy, but that’s a maelstrom of highly complex biochem and I ain’t going there.


Instead, I want to find hobbies that I enjoy that just so happen to be exercise. Dancing, Yoga and squash are things I want to try out doing more often. If I can be active at least 3 times a week, that doesn’t disrupt my schedule too much and will most likely keep me healthy and happy.

Show my husband how wonderful I think he is

I have a great, supportive and kind husband who I just don’t shout about enough. I can be quick to temper at times, and he is the person in my life who least deserves it. I want to commit to taking him for lunch when he least expects it, leaving him notes, helping him with his routine if he is stressed or running behind. These things don’t all cost money, and only go to show that I value him, and want to help him because I love him more than anything else.

Read 25 novels

This is a repeat objective from last year, which I smashed by 3 extra books. I LOVE reading, and it is not a chore for me at all. However at times I can be distracted by social media, at bed times or on public transport, when that time could better be put to use by diving into a book.


Does anyone else have any NYR inspiration?

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VE Day Outfit : a Night with ClassicFM

I was extremely lucky to be offered tickets to see VE day at 70 live at the Royal Albert Hall this past Sunday. VE day, Victory in Europe, was the official end to the bloodshed and atrocities of the Second World War; freedom from the tyranny of Hitler’s Nazi regime, and an end to a war that claimed 55 million lives, both military personnel and civilians.

The event was a reminder of the cost of war, the celebration of life, a remembrance of those who has fallen or were interred as POWs, and also a bit of a celebration of our national pride, all though the medium of music.

The night was hosted by the smooth toned John Suchet and the lovely Myleene Klass, with perfomances from Katherine Jenkins, Rebecca Ferguson and Wynne Evans. You can listen to the concert here!

an attempted panoramic shot of the Albert Hall
an attempted panoramic shot of the Albert Hall

I used an entire packet of tissues by the intermission – it’s so easy to go about your daily life without thinking on the sacrifice made by so many to save so few (terrible Churchill paraphrase). There were poetry and diary readings interlaced with wonderful music from the time, or from well known musical scores of films inspired by moments during WWII- A highlight for me was Shindler’s List theme featuring Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s (I seem to recall) Violinist, Helen Wood. Such an emotive piece.

I hope you found a moment to pause and reflect- if you didn’t, put 6th June in your diary. D-Day, the single most devastating yet vital victory for the allies forces landing in France that stole the lives of tens of thousands of British, American and Allied troops.

Now, on a lighter note, I wanted to share my outfit for the night. I decided that my Mulberry Dress was due a debut for such a wonderful occasion.

Mulberry, Dress, Dune, Heels
Mulberry Dress paired with Dune Heels
barryM,nailpolish, clutch bag, accessorize, monsoon, mulberry
Accessorize leather clutch in gold (£25). Nails were Daylight Curing BarryM polish in Fushia Generation

I loved this clutch, paired perfectly with the golden detailing on my dress.

Gold sequins detailing flowers, bees and dragonflies
Gold sequins detailing flowers, bees and dragonflies
Outside 54 Boutique Hotel,Queensgate, in Kensington London
Outside 54 Boutique Hotel,Queensgate, in Kensington London

My friend and I stayed in 54 Boutique Hotel on Queensgate, a short walk to the Albert Hall (Just as well in those heels!!) It also overlooked the famous Natural History Museum which was free to visit. The room was good value I felt, at £139. There were Neal’s Yard goodies in the bathroom, and a nespresso machine in the room too!!

can't beat a good bath in a hotel!
can’t beat a good bath in a hotel!
Neal's Yard Goodies!
Neal’s Yard Goodies!
relaxing after a busy day going around museums and sobbing my eyes out
relaxing after a busy day going around museums and sobbing my eyes out

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