Rosie for Autograph Lipstick

Hi everyone!

This is my first post for a while as I’ve been super busy and not found time to take, let alone edit my photos!

For me, Marks and Spencer growing up was the place my grandma bought her clothes, my Mum happily shopped for herself, and I was happy enough to wear the children’s clothing lines! It was a brand built on trust, a family business that generations remained loyal to.

Since those days it has constantly been shifting and changing to adapt to the times – I’ve been a HUGE fan of their Limited Collection (now rebranded to Limited Edition) for some years now, the younger, edgier sub-label of M&S. I’ve grown to love Autograph and it’s tailoring, though not necessarily it’s price tag! It’s a place where I go when I need a staple item I know will last and won’t cost the earth.

They’ve made huge leaps too in their beauty ranges, expanding stores to include almost John Lewis-esque skincare and makeup stands. I was wandering through the other day, actually on the hunt for a decent pair of stockings, when I found Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s beauty range, Rosie for Autograph.

2016-02-12 09.01.02

I was stalled by the Chanel-style packaging, glossy black with Rose Gold (I scorn Mac’s matte black and silver for this!) with a solid rose gold bullet for the lipstick tube itself. I immediately reached for Lady Rose, a neutral, brown-toned tea rose shade. It glided smoothly on the back of my palm, and a testy sniff revealed the same tell-tale scent of Mini eggs as Soap and Glory’s lipstick range.

If I had to wear one shade for the rest of my life, it would definitely be this.

2016-02-12 09.05.54

It wears well, applies smoothly, and I feel as if my lips are being nourished by the formula.

The one thing I would mark it down on, is the price. £14 to Soap & Glory’s £9-10 per lipstick (even that is a bit steep). I noted that in the range there are a number of other products, for lips, eyes and face! My positive experience with this lipstick means I’ll definitely be interested checking out the other items, namely the blushers and eyeshadow pallettes, encased in the lovely rose gold metal. Shop the collection on the M&S Website!

Because I would never review a lipstick without posting a photo of me wearing it, here you go! What do you think?

2016-02-12 09.03.40

me in Rosie for Autograph Lady Rose lipstick

2016-02-12 09.01.21
ignore my weird lip shape – you’re here for the damn colour!!!!
w7 cosmetics review

w7 Cosmetics Mascara – Dupe Alert!

I’ve posted about why I don’t shop with Benefit anymore before, both on a point of there being better and cheaper alternatives, and because morally I have felt sidelined by their marketing tacts.

This post falls into the former category, as I write about two products from w7 Cosmetics.

I wanted to give credit to the lady who reviewed this and made me want to buy it, but I can’t find her to credit! Whoever you are, thank you!

Finding a great dupe is a great way to save money on your makeup purchasing each month. This Absolute Lashes Mascara cost me £3.25 from eBay and took 2-3 days to arrive, versus £6.95 from the w7 website… if you want to buy it from there, you can shop it here.


Now in terms of the packaging alone, it’s a great dupe for ‘They’re real… Honest!’ mascara, but what about the brush and the application, I hear you ask?

Well some have taken photos of the brushes side by side which you can look at here, but as I did not wish to part with nearly £20 for a mascara I did not have Benefit’s on hand! From my point of view, the brushes are near identical, lots of bristles but not too close together so the lashes aren’t coated too thickly. It applies as well as Benefit’s too, and i was completely ecstatic with this product for the price – my makeup bag will never go without it!!!

w7 absolute Lashes

w7 absolute Lashes

Now onto the Brow Parlour kit. This was another eBay purchase, at £3.87 inc postage. The packaging is adorable and would make an excellent addition to someone’s Benefit/Soap and Glory collection based on that alone!

Now, I have forked out before for Benefit’s brow products, and they are good don’t get me wrong. But Boot’s 17 range does the best value for money brow kit out there. This Brow Parlour kit just doesn’t quite cut it. The brushes are useless (not to it’s detriment as I never use kit brushes), and the powders don’t transfer as well. The clear brow wax though is actually a pretty good idea. I stuck to using my 17 kit and my Makeup Revolution brow brush.

2015-08-07 07.19.16

Do you have any great dupes you always go back to?

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chocolate eyeshadow pallette

Makeup Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow pallette


So makeup Revolution really have got me sold on their eye pallettes. Not only are they super affordable, but actually the quality of the pigments is way better than  one would expect of a brand that doesn’t charge over the moon!

At £7.99 they are perfect dupes for the Too Faced Cosmetics equivalent, which comes in at around £32!

There are 3 to choose from within this range – milk, white or dark. I’m going to swatch the
milk chocolate pallette!





Aren’t they the most amazing nudes and chocolates you’ve ever seen? Looking at the pallette makes me feel hungry too!

Have you tried makeup Revolution yet? You can order directly off their website or they are stocked in Superdrug if you’re the sort of person who likes to try before they buy makeup!

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going bare makeup

Tips to cut down the cost of your makeup addiction!

If there’s anything I like better than beauty products, it’s saving money on them.

Wearing and sometimes reapplying your makeup more than once a day, I can quickly begin to run out of makeup staples – I know for me, face powder is a prime example of this (though weirdly I always have at least 2 mascaras rattling about at any given time in my makeup drawer!)

Makeup addict as I am, I probably do have far too many eyeshadow palettes than I will ever use.. But I have a tendancy to run through out of my basics pretty quickly. I thought I’d share with you some tips, whether you are looking to stock up on makeup bag staples or looking out for something new or special to try, in order to save a bit of money!

makeup base

Find Bargains Online

The internet is the best place to find bargains for pretty much anything you can think of; you’re favourite candy, clothes, and costume jewelry. Makeup is no exception, and you can find some incredible bargains online. You’ll be able to find low-price alternatives for your favourite beauty products in many places (I love Bodycare for trying something new, for as little as 99p!)

You can also discover high-end products at great prices by looking for out of season products -. You can look for websites that specialise in discount makeup deals, or just take to eBay – Illamasqua nail polishes can be snapped up for well over 50% off.

Of course, there are also some budget brands that have fantastic products to rival the high-end brands – I adore Makeup Revolution!

green nail polish collection

Buy in Bulk

One trick that can help you save money, especially online, is buying several lots of your favourites at once. If you have a product you know you love and will buy over and over, you can save money by purchasing in bulk. For example, you can get some Revitalash products to last you three or six months. Amazon is a great place to buy your favourite designer haircare products in packs of 6 – Tony & Guy, Argan Oil products &  Tigi Bed Head to name a few.

This is only a good idea if you’ve actually used the product before –  Don’t buy a year’s worth of something you’ve never tried!

Look in Unexpected Places

When you’re shopping for beauty products, you probably go to Boots, Superdrug or a department store. But you could find some fantastic bargains in places you don’t think to look. Take pound shops for example. You can find all kinds of things for only £1 (or sometimes a little more or less), and things that you would expect to cost a heck of a lot more! Go and have a rifle through their makeup and beauty products. Supermarkets are another place you might not think to look. But they can have excellent beauty sections. I love Beauty at Tesco found in the large superstores.

going bare makeup

Seek Out Freebies

Of course, the best bargain is a complete freebie. But how can you get hold of them? One way is to enter competitions with prizes you’d love to get hold of. There are also lots of websites that tell you where to find the latest free samples. For example, if you visit, you can find tips on where to find freebies. Some of the offers come straight from beauty companies. They often look for people to trial a new product and give their opinion – if you’re a blogger you can sign up to resources like to receive products directly from brands who want to use your blog as a marketing platform.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on your makeup. With my money saving advice, you can feed your beauty obsession for less!

Keep Thrifting!

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My Top Strobing Products Right Now

Hey everyone!

So while many of us are still getting our heads around and becoming more comfortable with contouring! Personally I’ve not quite nailed it. Powder for contour powders tend to patch on my Base Layer of makeup and make me look dirty versus contoured!

I admit I need to try cream based contour products,  I. E.  From clinique. I quite fancy the chubbie sticks.

Now,  strobing. To me,  the cynical minded, strobing is no different to highlighting,  which I am comfortable with doing!

I decided to share my current highlight/strobing products.

I am so in love with these makeup organisers by the way… Ebay!

First off is makeup Revolution’s vivid baked highlighter. This is amazing and I love it. For £4 you can’t beat it!

makeup revolution vivid bake highlighter
I love the lilac finish to this product!

I love the lilac tinge,  ideal for combating your skins off-colour moments!

Second is this Shu Uemura highlighter. It’s actually from the blush range but I bought it because it was pearlescent. I apply this using the real techniques contour brush to the bridge of my nose and along my cheekbones.

Shu uemura highlighter pearlescent blush strobing, real techniques contouring brush
I love this read techniques contouring brush.

It’s really pretty! You have to buy the case separate with Shu Uemura but at least you can just refill!

highlighters, highlighting, strobing, makeup products, makeup, beauty, benefit, jelly pong
I lost the lid for the Watt’s Up! ages ago… oops!

Next Comes jelly pong cosmetics all over skimmer.  This comes in the form of a liquid  and applies beautifully  like Molton gold. Benefit Cosmetics’ “Watt’s Up!” is a solid form of this,  and is a really great product to apply to the cheekbones.

soap and glory trick and treatment highlighter concealer pearlescent shimmer
I adore this soap & glory trick and treatment highlighter/concealer, with it’s pearlescent shimmer! This eye shadow primer is also great for paler looks

Last comes Soap and Glory’s trick and treatment (shown with the eyeshadow primer though I’ve not swatched it). This product is amazing and I dab it in little circles around the eye area to gift a lift to dark circles.

highlighter strobing product flatlay makeup beauty swatches, soap & glory, benefit cosmetics, jelly pong, real techniques, makeup revolution

I use these intermittently,  and when I feel like it  as part of my daily makeup routine. Strobing or highlighting,  whatever you  call it…  For me it gets the vote ahead of contouring!

What about you?

Here are the swatches of the products;



Hope you liked this post! Shu uemura didn’t show up well I’m the photo without flash but really it’s a brilliant product.

Do you use anything else for strobing or highlighting? I’d love to see you recommendations!


Jess xx

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Etsy Spotlight : Rosewood Sunglasses from IXcymru


Hey everyone! Wow has it heated up this week!   When it gets hot like this fashion and beauty sometimes goes to pot.  We Brits aren’t used to this weather! Our wardrobes aren’t equipped for sweltering heat, and our makeup bags become forgotten!

Well, I thought I’d share my summer essentials with you starting with these gorgeous upcycled  and 100% recycled wood sunglasses from IXcymru , a small Welsh Etsy shop! Aren’t they fab?! Daniel was sweet enough to send these to me,  choosing the Cat eye Rosewood frames.

They’re super light,  comfortable and come in a beautiful bamboo box. I also got send a quirky free gift of a bamboo “speaker“! Now free with orders for a limited time.

Aren’t they the coolest?! Priced at £29.99, they’re guilt free! One thing I should point out –  I don’t believe the lenses are UAV/UV protective. So fashionista only!





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How to make your Instagram Photos Stand out

For those of you who don’t know,  I’m a complete instagram addict. Everything I blog about inevitably goes up there first as a way of instantly sharing my enthusiasm for new products I review or items I receive from the brands and small businesses I work with.

They’re so beautiful I cannot resist! Sometimes it is hard to make a photo original and to stand out from all the other photos of the same product. I’ve included some ideas from my own feed to share with you!

Liquorice Allsorts

My favourite sweets right now –  who doesn’t love a good bag of all sorts! And don’t theyphotograph well?! Here they are making my instagram photos look amazing!

coconut wheels and chanel!
coconut wheels and chanel!

Liquorice Allsorts & my favourite makeup bases

Watermelon Plate

Fruit is everywhere right now,  whether it’s in our fruit bowls at home as the summer season ripens,  or all over the high street in fabrics, and accessories.

I picked up this adorable watermelon trinket dish from Paperchase for £8.00. Isn’t it a dream?!  It’s pictured with my favourite nail polish right now,  pole position from the Barrym speedy quick dry collection!

instagram faves

instagram faves

Foam Bananas

I’m a huge fan of Barrym as you may well know,  and this image of mine on instagram was regrammed by @BarryMCosmetics! I was super pleased! I mean, who doesn’t love Foam bananas?

instagram faves

Anything Colourful!

I am also in love with my Pina Colada cologne from Library of Fragrance UK – you can read more about my collection here and here. To make these photos more interesting i use unusual angles and scatter bright related objects around it. Here I used Poms poms and glitter and sequins from a mixed box from Paperchase! The cocktail stirrers were from Sainsbury’s.

instagram faves

barryM green lipstick

How awesome are these things to take photos of? I’m so addicted to fun prints and colours!

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Clinique Colour Pop Lipstick in Cola pop

I’ve been trying to resist buying too much makeup, but the pull of this lipstick was too much to resist. I wanted something neutral, something that complemented my pale skin but dark hair and eyes – I spotted something that suited the bill from Clinique’s new Colour Pop collection.

The collection ranges from pale nudes to candy pinks, plums, and marsala browns- it’s really varied and it was honestly hard to choose one. I eventually settled on Cola, which is one of those beautiful reddy-browns. It’s got wonderful warm undertones, and the formula is wonderful- really smooth and easy to apply.

Clinique colour pop lipstick

Clinique colour pop lipstick

Cola Pop
Cola Pop

I absolutely adore this colour, and I’ve been wanting to post this for a while but didn’t want to until I had some lovely photos- the last one I took in a coffee shop!! I have to say as well that the packaging of these lipsticks is beautifully design.

Aside from the basic aesthetics, the formula of these lipsticks is a dream – really moisturizing and easy to apply.

cola pop swatchisn’t it lovely? Have you seen a shade that you like from this collection? I also really love Grape pop, as well as pretty much all of the beautiful colour-pop blushes.

I got mine from Boots, but you can buy the lipsticks for £16.50 from any Clinique counter.



Nail Polish : Barry M nail polish addiction

Hey ladies, happy Sunday! What have you got planned today? I’ve scheduled this post because I am actually down in London for the VE day 70 years on concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to dress up!

Sundays for me are generally lazy,  though I might well be preparing for a new week ahead with a manicure.

This weekend I swatched one of my new polishes (need for speed) from my latest Barry M haul. This one comes from the speedy dry collection  and I honestly can’t endorse it enough.  It works,  and it’s great value from money. I’ll never stray from this brand.  Ever.

It might replace the matte collection in terms of best application… Might..

Quick Dry BarryM
Barry M speedy quick dry polishes…

I bought these 4 together as they were bright and summery.

I thought I might also share with you some pictures of the rest of collection.

Matte collection

BarryM Matte Collection

Particular favourites are the lime and the red Polish.

Speedy dry collection

my BarryM Speedy Quick Dry Collection
my BarryM Speedy Quick Dry Collection


Gelly shine collection

BarryM gelly hi-Shine Nail Paint Collection
My Gelly hi-Shine Nail Paint Collection

Assorted standard collection

BarryM standard polishes
BarryM standard polishes

Sunset daylight curing collection

BarryM Daylight Curing Nail Polish Fushia Generation
Yet to be swatched, can’t wait to try! BarryM Daylight Curing Nail Polish Fushia Generation

Do you have a collection like this? It can’t just be me!!