Jess & The Bee

Well, it has been a long time since I’ve posted on my blog. So many things have taken up my time lately, and more and more I found myself distanced from the blogger I felt I had to be to be ‘good at it’.

I’ve rebranded my blog to reflect that it’s a space just for me, though if anyone is interested in my ramblings, then they are welcome too. So, I hear you ask, Why Jess & The Bee?

Well, bees are just cool. They’re our biggest pollinators, symbols of hard working across the globe, and are the official mascot of the city I live&work in, Manchester.

Female White-tailed bumblebee worker, with very full pollen sacs!

I moved into my home in August last year, too late to do the garden for summer, but this year I got my sleeves rolled up, planted a load of bee-friendly plants and I was gifted with the daily presence of bees of many species from thereon in.

I’ve seen (but never managed to photograph) honeybees, Carder bees, tree bumblebees, Early bumblebees, and of course the recognizable white-tailed bumblebee.

A male Early Bumblebee
Tree Bumblebee resting!

it’s not just because of bees (honestly).

I didn’t just want to blog jewellery or fashion or beauty. I want to blog about whatever makes me happy. So it seemed only right that my new blog reflected something that does just that.

looking forward to posting more soon.

For more bee snaps find me on Instagram – @iamjessicajj

Luxury : Celia Gould Silk Scarves

Hello readers,

Something a little luxury for you this Thursday – I’m so excited to share this with you.

I’m delighted to share with you silk scarf designer Celia Gould. Her designs are influenced and inspired by seemingly mundane snippets of urban settings around the world – Cairo, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Geneva – and yet transformed into a strip of beautiful silk chiffon it becomes something entirely different : a work of art. She also has a softer collection inspired by nature – the colours in this collection are obviously brighter and more summery in my view. She is the wife of a British Diplomat, and therefore travels a lot – wow! How exciting!

Celia Gould 100% silk chiffon scarf in 'cairo' from the SS15 collection

I am sharing the Cairo Scarf with you today – when in discussion with Celia about choosing, it was just too hard to do! They’re all beautiful – yet because of my colouring I was leaning toward something with cool tones. She selected this one for me, as it happens, and I love it.

The design was inspired by an enormous apartment block building Celia spotted when traveling over the river Nile in a taxi! She told me that she yelled at the driver to stop, as taken by a sudden burst on inspiration, she snapped this photograph which became this rather unusual yet striking design.

This is a luxury item, and comes in the most beautiful purple box. I was rather exciting opening it all up!

2015-06-02 18.58.47

2015-06-02 19.00.40 2015-06-02 19.01.10

2015-06-02 19.02.08 2015-06-02 19.02.44

I don’t have a very co-operative husband when it comes to photographing outfits, so I managed alone here. I tried to show it worn in a few different ways and lighting levels (flash, no flash etc) so you can see the beauty of the design.

2015-06-02 14.40.16 2015-06-02 14.39.43
2015-06-03 03.36.41 2015-06-03 03.38.57 2015-06-03 03.39.25 2015-06-03 03.40.05 2015-06-03 03.40.31

Thank you so much Celia for sending this beautiful scarf! I will enjoy wearing it all year round. Go and say hi to Celia on social media, or visit her website, Instagram – Celia.gould and Facebook – celiagouldscarves.

What I wore: Next Blouse (years old!), F+F at tesco chinos , Next tan heeled loafers, Fossil Handbag, Ring Simply Chic on Etsy, Nail polish is Blue Grape by Barry M.