Gig Review : Cattle & Cane at Gulliver’s Mcr

This is something I normally post about, but actually I don’t care! It’s my blog (ner ner!)

Cattle & Cane were a band that I had been peripherally aware of for a number of years, but had never, for whatever reason, explored in any great detail. Purchasing three tickets was a reaction to finding their gig pop up into my email account from a music events round up mailing list, and with it being close to Christmas. The tickets were for my Dad, you see, as a gift!

I’d plonk them into the folk camp (if forced to by my own self-inflicted rigid Spotify categorisation laws) though that in itself would be a gross misjustice. They’re so much more than that.

The band is made up entirely of the Hammill siblings (except the drummer) and their close ties as a family drives perfect synchronous harmonies across tracks like ‘We were Children’ and ‘Home’ and the off-album track ‘Infant Hercules‘, penned about the industrial rise and fall of Teeside (their home county).

Their debut album ‘Home’ contains a mixture of uplifting and foot-stomping tracks that will have you imagining you were driving along a dusty track road in central America, not Teeside or Manchester!

Cattle & Cane were captivating, energetic and perfect in their harmonies, comfortable on stage and engaging with their very close knit fan-base (it seemed many had followed them from Teeside to Manchester!).

The venue was Gulliver’s, on Oldham Street, a renowned indie venue in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.


Top marks, I look forward to tracking this band and watching them perform again soon. Learn more about them here.

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My new holo bag!

Hello everyone,  hope you had a fabulous Guy Fawkes Night!

While many of you were no doubt out enjoying bonfires,  fireworks and other seasonal treats,  I was stuck in. I made the best of it though,  by watching  Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  and writing a new blog post!

Last weekend during my long overdue shopping spree,  I headed over to Thunderegg in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  I had one item in mind and that was those really cute holo shoulder bag!


It’s by LYDC,  and has amazing colours – I think of it as a mermaids tail, call me odd!

It was Β£24,  but you can get it online for a little under 20.


If you would like your own,  head to Thunderegg in Manchester (Oldham Street),  or you can buy direct from Ebay.


Happy shopping! X