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Hello! I’ve not blogged in a long while, but a lot has gone on since my earlier post on my favourite bee items for the home.

Work work work!

Well I finally managed to get away for a holiday and thought I would share with you the bits and bobs I took with me. I enjoy going shopping for holidays, it’s extra special!

I had wanted to purchase a new fragrance but couldn’t justify spending over £40 – however  & other stories was on hand to help! They’ve opened in Manchester recently and I’m in love with EVERYTHING!

They have a lovely range of scents, available in eau de parfum at a very reasonable £26 (from memory), however they sell body sprays at £12 for 150ml, or a very reasonable £5 for a smaller bottle at 50ml.

I chose the super sweet and girly ‘Punk Bouquet’ and the more delicate, sensual ‘Floral Momento’.

Punk Bouquet reminds me immediate of heady candy floss laced with vanilla for a fun, punchy scent. Top notes are Almond, Tangerine, Green Apple, with a heart of Cyclamen, Tiger Orchid, Lotus Flower and a base of Vanilla, Tonka Beans and Tree Moss.

Floral momento is sweet, powdery Violet on a bed of bergamot.

I highly recommend all of their scents –  browse here.

Pictured is also a raw stone long necklace, from Accessorize and great value at £10!

Have you tried & other stories yet? Aren’t they amazing!

I Am Fragrance Review

I am Hot i am good I am free

I am Naked

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m bringing you a review of a selection of fragrances from I Am Fragrance, a US based business that explores scent a little differently. Their scents focus not just on the olfactory side of things (as any perfume brand absolutely should) but on the memories and emotions that are inextricably tied in with scent in our lives. A nice idea, I have to say.

For me, the perfume business is just as guilty of misrepresentation as the beauty&fashion industry – their advertisements are abstract ideas usually, a segment of a story, that attempts to evoke an emotion that you will tie with the scent – predominantly this tends to be lust. Take Eros or Invictus for example – wear this, look like him, and attract droves of elegant and impossible beautiful woman. If we believe all this, we’ve not moved on in the slightest from the Victorian market peddlers promising tonics to cure all ills and Love Potions!!

I am Fragrance feels different to this somehow. Each scent is names after an emotion or mood (always positive ones of course – who wants to smell Angry?), and the bottles are color coordinated to match. I have to say, the bottle design is adorable. Each bottle of scent comes with its own mantra; They’re all about the power of intention,pairing positive affirmation with the memory-power of fragrance. What a way to psyche yourself up in the morning!

I received the following fragrances in adorable little roll-on minis, priced at $22 (approx £15,able to ship to UK). The range extends to include Eau De Parfum, Hand wash and skin care products – shop them all here, on I am Fragrance’s amazing website. You can read all about each fragrance, each one having it’s own image mood board- beautiful!

I am… Naked

Ylang Ylang and Violet are the predominant sweet powdery notes in the scent. Sandalwood and Oak nestle beneath, with Bergamot, Wild Berry and Geranium. A lovely light, and femimine scent.

I am… Blessed

This is gorgeous and zesty, with Mandarin, Lemon and Jasmine to blend together. Musk and precious woods complete this lovely summer fragrance.

I am…Hot

Spicy and Sexy with a hard hit of vanilla, amber and honey. Floral tea adds delicacy. Gorgeous heated scent, very evocative.

I am… Good

Honey, Jasmine, Mandarin and Mimosa make for a sweet and bright fragrance. It made me thing of cider apples and blossom, and sunshine.

I am… Free

Bergamot, Peach and Cinnamon characterise  this liberating scent. I think the sandalwood could be more powerful to tone down the sweetness, but it’s a beautiful scent all the same, with notes of vertiver.

I am…Peace

This scent is a blend of the white blossom flowers Tuberose, Jasmine and Peony, with a dash of sandalwood. To me, it smells of pears, warm fresh cut grass and daisies- a pretty good dupe for Jo Malone actually…. I’m going to be wearing  this a lot!

I am… Me!

For all you monochrome lovers out there, I am Me, has the coolest bottle! Melon, tangy apple and exotic flowers somehow blend to create something that takes me to being on holiday sipping a freshly made Mojito. It’s bright and floral and amazing – definitely my stand out favourite of the collection I’ve tried so far!

I am fragrance wheel

Well, that’s all folks! As well as browsing their website, you can follow I am Fragrance on Instagram!

I am me

I am Peace & Free


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MyPerfumeSamples.com sample order service

Hi everyone!

A bit of perfume thrifting for you today!

Now as you know I am addicted to scent. I own FAR TOO MANY Library of Fragrance Colognes and I have begun to have a taste for artisan perfume, too. But let’s face it, it’s an expensive luxury to indulge in.

I was asked by MyPerfumeSamples.com to review perfume sample ordering service.

They have a wide array of fragrances, from new and popular scents to older, or more obscure classics! You are able to search by type (Daytime, evening, romantic, Casual) and you can order in 1ml, 3ml or 5ml measures, atomised or vials.

Atomisers are the best in my view, but everyone has a preference!

My perfume samples

I got four fragrance samples – Jimmy Choo Blossom, Si by Giorgio Armani, Daisy Sorbert by Marc Jacobs and CK one Summer 2015 by Calvin Klein. All of these are perfect fragrances for Summer!

I was pleasantly surprised by Si, I wasn’t interested by the bottle alone in stores, but it smells absolutely divine when worn! I really consider buying this when I run out of the sample. Marc Jacobs always delivers, Daisy Sorbet is fresh, cute and as summery as you can get; CK One Summer 2015 is the most disappointing fragrance of the batch. It’s a bit more zesty than I am used to wearing, and a little cheap. Jimmy Choo’s blossom is lovely though, VERY fruity and ultra feminine.

Best part is, use code INSTA15 for 15% off!!! Follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with new fragrances available on their site!

Thanks for reading!


Tobacco Rose by Papillon Perfumery

In my opinion every woman should own at least one Rose-based perfume in her collection. There’s a reason the flower is the basis for romantic metaphor, similie and poems over centuries. It’s beautiful in almost every possible manner, especially in its scent.

Now,  I found Papillon Perfumery on Instagram one day and when I saw the words ‘Tobacco Rose‘ I was instantly bitten by curiosity and desire. I thought of smoky whisky joints juxtaposed with the heated sweetness of Bulgarian Rose.


Let me tell you that this does not disappoint.

The scent is cited to contain the following notes :

Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai, Oakmoss, Beeswax, Hay, Ambergris.

The first thing that hits you is a powerful musk base, heady and full. The rose lies underneath a shroud of smokiness, nestled within the gentle spice. It’s perfect. I can also detect notes of vanilla on the nose, which I believe comes from the beeswax. Once warmed on the skin it matures and deepens.

This scent costs £94 for 50ml plus shipping.

The packaging is simple and classical with gold on black, the butterfly the logo of the maker.

I was sent two samples of their other scents to review as well. First I’ll talk about Anubis. When my parcel arrived at work I immediately danced over to share with my colleague Sarah, who instantly was besotted by this scent. Anubis is sexy. Think hot leather in a vintage car; deep heady spices, linked erotically with musky lotus flower. This scent is unisex, but personally I can envisage a very tall, dark and handsome gent wearing this enticing, errogenous scent. Wow-ee! Notes of this scent are officially listed as

Egyptian Jasmine. Pink Lotus. Suede. Immortelle. Frankincense. Saffron.

Sarah has since ordered a bottle of this for her man!

The second scent was Angelique. Have to admit I’m not keen on the name (that might be because I’ve just watched Penny Dreadful season 2…). Angelique is lighter, a spicy and woody fragrance. Described as having strong notes of the following;

Osmanthus. White Champac. Orris. Mimosa. Frankincense. Cedarwood.

The Cedarwood is the main base I can detect, (have to be honest I have no idea what some of those things are!) The Orris is a beautiful rich note throughout.

In summary, these perfumes blew me away with their complexity and power. I would highly recommend them! Find Papillon Perfumery on Twitter and Instagram, or visit their website!

Tobacco Rose papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum
Beautiful packaging

papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum


papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum
This bottle is to die for!

papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum



My Instagram takeover for Library of Fragrance UK

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I took over the account of Library of Fragrance UK! I’ve blogged about their scents here and here if you’d like to have a read!

I have rather a crazy collection of scents now from their library, and yet I’m nowhere near done sampling them all! Their Colognes are intended to be unisex (cologne is a term that refers to the strength of the oils in the fragrance, rather than the gender it is intended for use by!) and are delicate enough to not overwhelm, but enough to wear alone or in layers. The range from the basics of scent (rose, patchouli, musk, oud) to the downright strange (Play-doh, Tomato and Gin & Tonic!) So far, I’ve been amazed at how wearable each and every scent, (yes, even playdoh!) can be.

I’ve included some images from the takeover below, but you can also go and follow Library of Fragrance on Instagram for more scent inspiration. Or visit their website! Thank you to the team at LOF for giving me this opportunity, I enjoyed myself!

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Baby Powder perfume!

Hi everyone!

What scents relax you? For lots of people, that scent might be lavender,  rosemary perhaps,  even camomile. For me, right now it’s baby powder!

No,  I’m not feeling broody (OK maybe slightly after those Kensington palace photos), I really do love the scent of this library of fragrance cologne.

imageIt’s so evocative of cleanliness and warmth and comfort. So after I’ve showered and dried my hair and moisturised my skin,  I apply a little spritz of this to the back of my neck beneath my bath robe and just go “ahhhh”.

You can’t beat feeling squeaky clean,  right? My other favourite products for that right now are this Liz Earle polish and clinique rinse off facing cleanser


I use the Liz Earle to remove my makeup and calm my skin after my commute home,  then wash again before bed or in the shower.

What smells relax you at night?

Don’t forget! You still have time to get 20% off online in The Library of Fragrance store,  by entering Thrifty15062015 at the checkout!


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Thrifty Blogger Update

Hello readers!

Just a short post today to update you on what I’ve been up to and what I’ve got planned for you over the next couple of weeks.

I am very excited to announce that I will be working closely with Library of Fragrance UK, helping them with Pinterest and also in doing more fragrance combination style posts. Watch this space for exciting fragrance news!


I am also teeing up a number of etsy stores to work with,  which is fantastic news. You might have seen me working recently with Binky’s trinkets (@binkystrinkets on instagram) in promoting her items on my instagram account. This was really successful,  and I proud to support small businesses and etsy stores that are often the realisation of a dream for many. Keep an eye on my instagram for beautiful jewellery and one off pieces. I’m delighted to be able to bring them to the fore!


And lastly, a thank you. I’ve reached two milestones recently,  of 200 followers on WordPress, 400 on instagram (now it is rocketing towards 500 and nearly 500 on Twitter). I couldn’t have done this without you!

Mwah mwah xx

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Beauty Review : Library of Fragrance

Hello readers,

Have you heard of the Library of fragrance? I only recently discovered them, and was lucky enough to be selected on their surprise Sunday giveaway to win a fragrance of my choice. I was thrilled- I never normally win anything!! I headed over to their website immediately to have a look and choose my fragrance.

Firstly, it was really hard to choose!! I was torn between selecting a scent that I really loved, or something out of
to try. Their slogan is;

“Extraordinary Fragrances. Inspired by life.”

… and boy do they really mean it! They offer scents such as Baby Powder, Dirt, Gin and Tonic…even Play-Doh!! Each 30ml bottle costs only £15.

Each scent’s page offers advice on pairings that work depending on the “feel” you are attempting to create. For Example, with Baby Powder;

  • To add a clean note, layer with Musk #7
  • To add a floral note, layer with Cherry Blossom
  • To add a fresh note, layer with Daisy
  • To add a fruity note, layer with Peach
  • To add a sweet note, layer with Marshmallow
  • To add a woody / spicy note, layer with Amber

As I said it was really hard to choose, but eventually I set my heart on Freesia (I had the much coveted Jo Malone fragrance in mind here) and also Fresh Coconut, a love of mine from The Body Shop. It was a close shave between that and Rose paired with Black Pepper.

They arrived quickly, and I have to say there is something appealing about their simplistic and clean approach to their packaging.


Freesia Cologne Spray
Freesia Cologne Spray

The scent of real freesia is an absolute delight. Anyone who has had them grow in their garden before will know that the scent is the most delightful sweet perfume that reaches you meters away if the breeze is just right.

The description for this scent doesn’t offer any pairings, nor does it describe the scent itself. It states that Freesia is often a foundation composite scent to many perfumes, though, in part I suppose due to it’s powerful floral note.

I have to be honest and say that this scent didn’t hit the mark for me. On first application the scent is a little overpowered by the alcoholic vapour tang of cheap perfume. After allowing to mellow, the scent deepens though, and takes on a muskier, more palatable scent, with deep woody notes. I was anticipating a high floral aroma punch, so this one was a little disappointing.

With florals, the more expensive perfumes get it so right because the oils of flowers are very expensive to process and refine. Anyone read ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Süskind? If you haven’t, you should – I’ve never read a book that paints such a vivid picture with the description of scents.I actually learned a lot from it too in terms of the processes involved in the craft of perfumery.

Because these perfumes don’t cost a lot I don’t believe the floral ones will be of high enough quality to stand alone. I could be wrong though, and would willingly sample some of their others!

Fresh Coconut

fresh coconut perfume

Fresh coconut– what could be tastier? I’m a massive fan; whether it’s in a cocktail (Pina Coladas are my number 1 paradise cocktail drink, and only now as I write this did I realise they sell a Pina Colada perfume!!), or in a luxurious body butter or sun cream, the scent on the whole embodies beach holidays to me.

According to the description of Fresh Coconut, the scent is ‘slightly sweet, fresh, crisp and green, rather than the sweetened, processed variety. Delightful and almost edible!’.

In reality, that fresh bite of the ripe coconut sings through as you spray onto your skin. As soon as I inhaled I could taste the watery crisp flesh, and the freshness is … refreshing! It is rather distinct from say the creamy element of The Body Shop’s Coconut products, though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

They also suggest pairing it with the following;

Vanilla icecream?!?! Yummy!!!

Perfume flatlay,coconut, freesia, cologne,spray, library of fragrance, flatlay
Isn’t the packaging super pretty?!

In summary, I’ve had one hit and one miss. I believe these are stocked in Boots though, so you can try before you buy. I really enjoyed reviewing these scents- special thanks to Clare for helping me to choose!