Lily-Flame : My favourite Candle Maker

its sort of a tradition in my house that my husband buys me a Lily-Flame candle from Christmas – even with frequent use it usually lasts me all year!
Stocked in John Lewis,  they are powerfully Scented candles in cute little tins. Favouring florals over fruity generally,  though there’s the odd notable candle which  packs a fruity punch!

The wonderful team down in Somerset have been very lovely to me on Twitter (follow them at @Lily_Flame)  and I recently offered to help them out in testing new scents.

This morning I received  package from them with two new scents I haven’t had before –  Daisy Dip and Rose Petals.


Aren’t they the cutest designs!

Daisy Dip has a pleasant undertone of grass,  warm floral notes and hint of something sweet that reminds me of honey!


The wax itself is a nice fresh white with a touch of pink.


Rose Petals is as you might expect! It reminds me of a freshly cut wild rose –  a very heady intoxicating scent,  there’s nothing delicate about it!



What I love about them (aside from the scent of the candles themselves,  and of course their adorable packaging and little descriptions on the tin) is how affordable Lily-Flame candles are. They come in at about Β£8 a candle. I believe they also sell Reed diffusers as well,  which I’ve never tried out.

Pick yours up from

John Lewis

or their online shop! Order now in time for Christmas.  Buy British and buy hand made!