Christmas Gift Idea – Custom Stamped Bookmarks

My husband commented casually the other day that he didn’t have anything he could use as a bookmark – we are not heathens and we do not fold page corners! (I jest of course).

… so I consulted the only place I could trust – Etsy.

The lovely Lauren at MauveMagpie based in Scotland has an Etsy shop specialising in stamped bookmarks and bracelet cuffs. I had a smile on my face browsing through her selection of items – geeky references galore! I adore that sort of thing. There’s really something there for everyone, and if there’s not, Lauren can probably make it!

I spotted a bracelet that had the words on I wanted and within a day Lauren had agreed to created a special bookmark just for me bearing said words.Β The delivery was insanely quick, and I am very impressed with the item – My Husband is going to love it! I chose a blue ribbon to reflect the football team he supports. The bookmark is made of stamped Aluminium metal.

2014-12-01 20.00.02-1

2014-12-01 20.00.53

This in an ideal stocking filler too, coming in at just over Β£14.00 inclusive of delivery. Pop over to her Etsy page, or follow MauveMagpie on Twitter!

2014-12-01 20.00.27

Here are a selection of my favourite items from her shop, aside from my special item, of course!

Do you think my husband will like it? x