Old English Company stationery

If you’re anything like me you struggle to keep organised and have a million and one scraps of paper with various numbers and names scrawled on them – generally whatever I can reach when I am taking a message on the phone!

As a result, it has become a new goal of mine to get into better habits when it comes to organisation, and keeping track of my tasks both at work and at home, or for my side-hustle mentoring businesses, & The Hive.

Old English Company very kindly sent me a selection of their beautiful and highly instagram worthy stationery to try and kick-start my new highly efficient life, and I am so excited to get my planner filled in, my schedule arranged, or simply having some pretty post-it notes to hand for those on-the-phone memos.

I also couldn’t resist this motivational mug – although in my usual vocabulary it would say ‘get sh*t done’ instead.

Do you have any super organisation tips you can share with me to keep my momentum going? Seen any cool stationary recently?

Love! X

How to get your blog (and your life!) organised

This was meant to be a bit of a joke post but in planning it out, I think it has real merit.

So what do we know about Feng Shui? It’s a Chinese philosophy whereby one can harmonise with your surroundings and have a better qi, or energy. This is exactly the sort of thing that the cynical-minded among us might scoff at but hear me out. Stepping back, what does it teach us? (if you seriously want to learn more, head over to Google!)

Being organised and applying logical and clear thought to your life can result in higher focus and therefore better output.

Therefore below are the top ways I think you can apply this thinking to get the most out of your blog/life (delete as appropriate). These things really help me when I feel that things are getting a bit out of my control and I need to, ahem, ‘re-centre’.

organised declutter
a clean desk is a happy desk!


Whether it’s your inbox, your wardrobe or your flat. If it’s a mess, you can’t see the wood for the trees. Recently I realised that I had over 400 items in my inbox for my blog email address and I just didn’t know why. So I started to create subfolders where I could keep certain groupings of emails. I do this at work in order to perform efficiently, so why would I not do this for my blog account?

Subfolders, filters and auto-actions are great tools to enable you to ensure you never miss an important email, or never lose one you need to find ever again!

If it’s your flat or wardrobe, have a clear out. Haven’t work it in a year? Give it to charity.

Stripping down from excess to the basics of what we need allows us to focus on what is really important, and also helps us to appreciate what we have.

“I always knew I loved that table lamp, I could just never get to it!”


This applies to blogging, though I can see how it might apply to other elements of life such as work or your social life.

Do you have too much going on and struggling to fit in me-time? Do you over-commit to social events when you are on a tight budget? Are you not sure what you want to do in your career? Not sure what topics to blog about so you blog about everything under the sun?

Start by making a list – what do you want to blog about most? Try ranking in order of popularity using google or your blog’s analytics page. List theย social events do you really want to go to, in order of preference, and pick only the ones you can afford to do. List your skills alongside the things you enjoy doing – is there a role that can use your skills in a fun and engaging way?

Following the list methodology won’t magically produce a solution for you, but it will enable you to focus at the heart of the issue and realise what is most important to you.

Tools like Wunderlist are great visual ways of keeping all your lists together in on place. They’re also cloud based so you can add and create lists anywhere!

making lists organisation
I make written lists in pretty journals because I am a sucker for stationary, but I use Wunderlist as well! This list was a lsit of brands/etsy shops I wanted to/ended up working with on my blog.

my final piece of advice, is…

Have fun!

If it’s not fun, it isn’t worth doing. If you find blogging more of a chore, or begin to stress, STOP. Have a break. There no need to send a simpering apology out. You don’t need to apologise or answer to anyone else if you plan to be away or need some space for yourself.

I’m lucky enough to have a great job that is really flexible for my life and also offers me an enjoyable environment to work within. When I worked somewhere else I didn’t enjoy, I became disengaged, and hated my job. I knew I had to get out, and so I did everything in my power to change my circumstances.

You have the power to change things around you. it’s 10% opportunity and the rest is what you make of it!

โ€œOur lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.โ€ โ€” F. Scott Fitzgerald

On that final note, Namaste! I hope this kind of blog post is welcome among the usual beauty and fashion posts!

Feedback always wecome.